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What people are saying

"MY PERFECT VA STARTED TODAY!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with her! Thank you so much Jen and Neeca. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into Front Row CEO. It has been hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. The ROI is insane, because of the time I’m saving, that I’m now able to put into marketing my business. The process was work… a lot… I won’t lie, but so so worthwhile and I felt you both cheering me on throughout. "

Saranne Bowles

"There were SO MANY incredible things about this program that I absolutely adored! Overdelivery beyond belief! If I have to list just one favorite thing, it would be the fact that I learned how to do something I so needed, had absolutely no knowledge about and wouldn’t trust to do on my own. You and Neeca model the best example of teamwork I have ever had the privilege to experience firsthand. Not only do you teach the method, you exemplify the principles every single day. The genius you both possess is magnified by your collaboration with each other. I hope to capture just a fraction of the synergy you both have with my perfect VA!"

Janis Matsumoto

"This is the best course I’ve ever taken. Thank you for putting this VA blueprint together. I know this took a lot of time/effort and I was constantly amazed at your attention to detail, quick responses, and organization. Great job, Jen + Neeca! You are changing people’s lives for the better. I wish I could hug you!"

Lyndsay Morris

"This course makes me feel like a huge weight and burden of finding help has been lifted off my shoulders and the step by step instructions make it so clear and easy to implement!!! I didn’t know if I was “ready” to hire a VA. And being in this program for just a week, I now know I am ready, and cannot wait to find my perfect match VA! "

Lindsay Sewell

"This program was incredibly valuable to me. Not only do I have my perfect match VA, the course has caused me to be more deliberate about my work, how I talk about it and how it’s organized – so that I can delegate it to my VA."

Belinda Wasser

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