You’ve got something to teach. 

You know there’s never been a better time to put out an online course. That’s how you scale your business. 

That’s how you get off the relentless “hours for dollars” bus. 

And it’s how you reach more people who need your help. 


You’ve taken a bunch of courses on creating courses. (They weren’t cheap.) 

Or you’ve tried on your own. 

Or thought about it, anyway. 

And you still have nothing to show because you...

Got stumped by the tech. “How am I going to record my slide deck and my voice at the same time?” “Do I have to learn how to edit videos? That’s a whole other course!”

Got stuck on decisions. What to name the course. What to put in the course, what to leave out. Too much stuff!

Couldn’t figure out how much to charge - or whether to charge at all.

Got overwhelmed and distracted by all the things. 

What if you could skip all that and get your first little course up and running in ONE weekend? 

(And yes, a little course is better than a big course. Why? I’ll explain.)

Why a Mini Course?

When you create your little course, you’ll be thrilled to discover:

  • It costs almost nothing to create. No risk means the freedom to give it a try, quickly.
  • It’s what people WANT! Everyone’s busy. Everyone gets overwhelmed by the 8-week deals. If you can solve their problem in LESS time, this is a huge win for them. 
  • Which means...they’ll enroll without weeks of “I have to ask my husband.”
  • Creating a little course takes the pressure off of you, and creates big results.
  • A little course can grow your list in a huge way - which automatically means more buyers for the next thing you create.
  • Knocking out your little course gives you the momentum and mastery to create that big, signature “bread and butter” course that’ll make your business.
  • If not having a course has been holding you back, here’s the way to finally move forward. Break through that income barrier(and creative one, too). People who’ve taken this course have said, “Now I finally have a thing.” And that’s a big thing. 
  • You’ll start a pattern of follow-through that makes your business take off in every way it hasn’t before. The “I wish I could”s will become goals you actually accomplish and check off. And that’s how you grow.


"I've actually purchased a course about how to make a course but I wasn't able to complete it. In "My Little Course", I am happy to say that I was finally able to create my own little course!"


When you sign up:

  • All those ideas swimming around in your head get drilled down to one small but powerful topic.
  • In just a few hours, your entire course is outlined/written.
  • You breeze right through the tech part.
  • In about 48 hours, start to finish, you have a deliverable, highly valuable course that you can use to:
  • Grow your email list or
  • Dazzle your existing audience or
  • Generate revenue or
  • All of the above
  • Once completed, you will have all the knowledge to create many more courses. 


 When I began creating online courses, I thought I needed to show my students everything I knew. I thought that if I put in MORE content, they would be getting MORE value.

Wrong. That just increased the likelihood that they would become overwhelmed, and not finish the course!

Plus, creating that much content nearly killed me. I was completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and spent countless hours second-guessing myself.

Then, about a year ago, I created my first mini-course and everything changed.

I used that first little course as a lead magnet, and I DOUBLED my email list in SIX days.

My students loved it, because they got small wins, and I loved it, because it was fun and "DO-ABLE" to create.


"My favorite part of "My Little Course" are the over-the-shoulder videos. Jen gives you a fast track way to learn all of the techie bits. "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.


Micro-content. It's that simple.

Create shorter lessons.
Create fewer lessons.
Create small wins for your students.

And I show you how to do it, step by step.


"Using Jen's methods in My Little Course, I was able to create my own course in just a few days. My favorite thing about "My Little Course" is that it is little. The instructions are specific. No fluff. She gets right to the point. The course was extremely valuable. For the price Jen charged, I got 10 fold."


I love the way Jen teaches. The most valuable thing for me in "My Little Course" was just getting my course done. If you ever thought about building a course..if you're stuck, or if it's fear...whatever is holding you back, sign up for My Little Course and just do it!"


"I've taken other courses about creating courses and I haven't finished a single one. In "My Little Course" I not only created my course but I had fun doing it. It was clear, concise and actionable. I fell like, for the first time, I'm coming away with something really valuable, and marketable."


"The entire course is amazing and Jen doesn't leave anyone behind. I feel very relieved to have completed my course and put a product out there through "My Little Course". I'm much more confident now as an entrepreneur because now I actually have a product that I can go out and market. I've firmly planted a foundation now."


"Creating courses really intimidated me. Putting it all together is the piece I was missing, plus the motivation to commit to doing it. I feel so much more confident now becasue if someone goes to my website or if they want to know more about me, I now have "a thing" ".

MY little COURSE


  • How to organize yourself, before you ever even begin, so you can move quickly through the process
  • How to pick a topic in 15 minutes
  • How to create your content.  
  • How edit your videos, quickly
  • How to publish your little course
  • How to make the most of your little course once it's completed

but best of all, in just a couple of days, you'll have YOUR OWN LITTLE COURSE.





Short, watch-and-do videos to take you through every step of the course creation process including: 

  • How to pick the right topic and title
  • How to organize your course before you ever begin
  • How to outline your course
  • How to create your course content
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions on video creation and editing
  • How to publish and share your course
  • How to make the most from your mini course once it's completed
  • Membership in a very active private support group where you can get feedback and guidance any time


"I can't thank you enough. This was the FIRST online course that I bought and actually went through in it's entirety. I've wanted to create a course for some time and even bought another "create and online course" program and didn't do it. You gently nudged us all into completing our courses and you should know that I think you are an excellent facilitator. This was EXACTLY what I needed. If I can make a mini-course, I can make a bigger course. I'm so grateful...thank you. My course is complete and I'm on my way." Andria Barrett

"Jen made it so easy to narrow down my course and walk me through how to create it, finish it, and get it out there!!" Cassie Ostle

"Jen, you're fantastic! I would say that the course is a step-by-guide that allows you to create a mini course in a few days. It gives you an outline of the tools you'll need in order to make that happen. 

Having you there to walk us through the process was amazing. The personal help, coaching, encouragement and live streaming was such an amazing bonus. I also love that you held us accountable! I need that as do many others!" Laura Ball

The structure of the course is good and the programs recommended are well explained. The commitment through the five rules helped keep me on the right track and drive me forward. The trainer and the fellow students were all very helpful. A very helpful and small FB group. Live streams super. Karin Mogård

This course is jam packed with tons of information and Jen takes you through step by step to completion. It feels good to know I have this skill set in my tool bag, and if I forget anything I can just log back on and re-watch what I need! Thank you so much, Jen! Zina Canton

I can't begin to say how valuable I've found "My Little Course"! I was looking for shortcuts to fast track me on some of the techie bits and I've found them here. Plus a whole host of creativity, fun and tonnes of encouragement! I really appreciated the step-by-step explanations and seeing your screen as you set things up. Whilst I've used a couple of different systems to those mentioned in this course, it was great to learn about what was out there and see how you do it. Thank you so much for all your videos, help, support and presence in the FB group - I think that makes a huge difference too - really felt like you were there responding at lightning speed whenever anyone raised a question. I appreciated seeing your answers to group members' questions, it all helped me. I didn't time myself for this course - but I feel (techie issues beyond your control aside) it is possible to create a little course within a weekend. Thank you, Jen, I really appreciate that you made this! Sarah Cousins

Wow! What a course! I loved it. It pushed me to a goal I've wanted to achieve for awhile and I learned an absolute ton. It pushed me to my limit...but well worth it. Thanks so much for getting me to push myself. Amanda Herr



I'm a newbie? Can I do this?

Absolutely! This is for the greenest of the green and also technophiles! 

If I don't like it, can I get a refund?

In the three years that I've been creating courses, I've never had anyone ask for a refund, because I always OVER DELIVER. Having said that, yes of course you can get a refund. And I don't make you prove that you've done all the work and the rest of that nonsense. Just send me an email and it will be taken care of. No hard feelings.

I don't have a list? Is it too early for me to be doing this?

This is the PERFECT TIME for you to create a little course! You can use your little course as a lead magnet to BUILD your list!

Is this for PC users and Mac users?

Yes. You will choose your track, once inside the course.

How much do I have to spend on tools, once I get in the course?

I give free options for each tool inside the course. After that, prices will vary based on the tools you choose. For example, if you sign up for the paid version of Teachable to host your course, or for New Kajabi, etc., prices will vary. You may choose to host your videos on YouTube (free), or on Vimeo (not free). The important thing to keep in mind is that you have choices.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access forever to the course material

Will you be launching again soon?

My Little Course will be available again, but it won't be available at this low price.




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