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If you would like to skip the line and save months (even years!) of learning, slogging, second-guessing, and experimenting, a VIP day with me might be just what you need.

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Now Is The Time

So far, the most fun you've had in your business has been in the planning of it. The building of it. You loved sketching out your offers, taking online courses that promised to "take your business to the next level" or help you "step into your genius", (whatever that means.)

But what's been standing between you and success is taking action on all that good work you've done. Boldly putting your offers out into the world.

And before you start feeling bad that you haven’t done that already let me tell you why you haven't. Taking a course is one thing. But putting yourself out when you are on your own is like standing on stage naked. SCARY.

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Some of the things I’ve done with my clients during VIP days include….

β˜… Branding or rebranding your business - with a comprehensive content marketing plan.

β˜… Planning a course launch - with timelines, emails, copy, and offer review (upsells and downsells).

β˜… Creating an evergreen system - with software, integrations, emails, and copy review.

β˜… Building a 6-month revenue plan - with offers, and revenue mapping

β˜… Untangling all of those ideas swimming around in your brain

β˜… More!


A luxury car will pick you up at the charming, easy-breezy, Charleston airport the day before our session.

We’ll enjoy an authentic, delicious, Low Country dinner as we get acquainted (or re-aquainted!).

You’ll enjoy sleeping in your luxurious, private, comfy ensuite as you rest up for our big day.

In the morning, we’ll enjoy yoga on the beach, with a local yogi (unless that’s not your thing), followed by a nutritious breakfast.

We then get to work on your business. The day will be filled with lots of strategising, mapping, and creating.

By the time you head back to the airport, you will have gotten more accomplished in a day than perhaps all year. Best of all, you’ll be prepared to tackle the rest of year confidently, armed with your customised playbook and roadmap.

This VIP Day Is For You If...

  • You are seeking personalized attention, support, and guidance.
  • You want to maximize your potential and overcome obstacles.
  • You are looking to identify your strengths and develop specific skillsets.
  • You desire a customized plan to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • You are ready for a one-on-one coaching experience that can make a significant impact on your life.


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"Wow! Jen truly delivered. What I appreciated most about is how involved Jen was. She took the time up front to truly understand our business, know our strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint exactly what would help us the most in the season we were in. Then, she was there each step of the way to resource us as we completed our project. The end result is that we set up a successful SLO Facebook ad, added nearly 9,000 new subscribers to our email list, and doubled the number of new members we typically see added per month. Impressive! Thank you Jen for your investment in your students. It truly is unparalleled”

- Jen Evangelista and Arabah Joy

"Jen's coaching style is generous, direct and exactly what I need. I always knew what my next step was and I was able to stay on track, not worrying if I was doing the right thing in the right order. I also didn't suffer from being overwhelmed, because we took it step-by-step and I knew she was right behind me the whole way."

- Belinda Sandor

"Working with Jen is like riding a rocket, directed towards a specific target and going fast! And I mean REALLY FAST! I knew that it would be a game-changer. My hyper-focus on a very lofty vision had precluded my ability to focus on simple business necessities. Jen is abundantly generous with everything and truly caring and committed to each of us in her group. This has been invaluable."

- Catherine Seo

VIP Day with Jen Lehner

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