An easy to understand online course that shows you how to set up a lead-generating, sales-producing, Facebook Messenger bot.

Video Lessons

14+ short, easy-to-understand videos. Go at your own pace. You have access to all lessons as soon as you purchase.

Lifetime Access

You have access to this course forever. Or until real robots take over the world. ;)


I think it's helpful to be able to read the content of a lesson. For this reason, each video has a transcript.

Mega Cheatsheets

I created a visual step-by-step guide to help you set up your bot.

Staggering Opening Rate

When was the last time you saw this with your email marketing? How about NEVER! 

More Human than Humans!

You can not only really showcase your personality, but the bot can actually break the ice for you and lead the way for the "real" you, to swoop in and continue the conversation.

Now Is The Time

This is a new way of marketing. Not a lot of people are using bots. This gives you a distinct edge over your competition. I don't think it will ever be this effective, or inexpensive, again.


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