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These entrepreneurs made the shift from solopreneurs to CEOS in their businesses.

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I found not one, but TWO va's!"

Everything in my business is systemized. And I love my business again. I would recommend this course regardless of where you are in your business." Heather Alice Shea  is an Intuitive Life Coach, Life Coach Trainer, and Intuition Educator.

"Freedom at last!"

"I now have two VA’s. I followed Jen’s steps and the course was amazing. Jen laid it out, step by step..she gave us a roadmap. And now that I know the system, when I hire again, it’s going to be so easy.

I’ve been through a lot of courses and I’ve hired a lot of business mentors, and I learned a lot. But everyone kept saying to focus on strategy. But I could never execute the strategy to my fullest potential because of time. This course has been the number one game-changer in my business in the past five years. Now I can execute all of the strategy! This course is life-changing."

Lyndsay Morris is the founder and CEO of  Generation Wellness and the Generation Wellness App.


"I feel like I have space."

"I have this feeling now that I am floating through my business and it’s luxurious. I feel like I have space. The way Jen laid out the program is so full proof."

Belinda Wasser is the founder and CEO of  RocketGirl Solutions and The VA Connection

"I've never taken a class so detailed and on-point."

"I can’t say enough about Front Row CEO…the systems she put into place, bite-sized but extremely detailed lessons. Jen and Neeca hold your hand through the whole process. This program was fantastic. I’ve never taken a class so detailed, so on-point. I would recommend this to anyone whose looking to do more with their business than keeping it small! It’s altered EVERYTHING that I’m doing now in my small business. Now I can actually work ON my business instead of IN my  business.

Christine Sinclair is CEO of  "Your Business Advantage" a small digital marketing agency that handles social media and chatbots for small to medium size businesses.


"This program is amazing."

“Have I got enough work for someone? Do I need to have a “better business” before I hire? These are the thoughts that held me back. But that's all changed now It’s been amazing. I loved that Jen had these flow charts and templates that sweep you along, that helped you know exactly what you were doing. Very plug and play. I have clients who I’m itching to recommend this program to.”

Saranne Bowles is a CEO and business coach.

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"It feels freeing!"

"I’m at a critical stage in my business because in the past year,  I’ve had massive growth in my business but I needed more back end support. I was dreaming of having someone in my business, full time, who would be affordable." 

April Pertuis is the founder of the Lightbeamers community and the Visibility Accelerator. Since recording this video, April is happy to report that she made the offer to her perfect-match VA and things are going even better than she had hoped!


"I'm thrilled with joy."

I was so fed up with myself for not moving forward. I was working so hard and getting hardly any results.  That was my mindset before... I thought first i have to make money to hire someone.  Then I thought, this is now or never. I have to break through this wall. I need a VA to help me with that. I have found a fabulous VA! I’m thrilled with joy. I have so much confidence now. I know now that have someone backing me up and getting this stuff done. Jen’s course was so well-done and so step by step.

If you want to play small, that’s ok, but you’re not a CEO. If you want to get your message out, and you want to grow, you need a VA. You can’t keep doing these small tasks yourself. It’s such a waste of your time and your talent.”

Marion van Dam is a best-selling author, public speaker, and happiness teacher, working both online and in person.

"I wouldn't have been able to find a VA without this program."

"I held off hiring someone because I thought it would be too expensive, but I found an amazing VA..he’s so fast and so efficient (and affordable). You really need a system to find a good person. Once you do, you WILL see growth. The investment in this program is going to be paid back so quickly in my business…I wouldn’t have been able to find a VA without this program.

Lindsay Sewell is the Founder and CEO of Marketing Made Fun.


"This program completely changed my business"

“Everything in this course was spoon-fed to me. Since hiring our VA, the work that we are doing now looks completely different than it did a year ago, or even 6 months ago. It’s allowed me to step into a different level in my business. It’s freed up my mental capacity to actually think more higher level tactics.It’s really changed our entire business If you truly want to scale you need to hire and you need to go through the process. I’ve done a ton of online programs but I’ve never seen one that gives the step by step like this one does. It’s broken down so minutely. I almost felt like Jen was babysitting us when we hired our VA. I know this is a system to hire people but really this is a system to grow your business. I can’t recommend the program enough.”

Dan Culver is a business coach and consultant at The Culver Company.

"Jen so over-delivered"

This course was absolutely amazing. Jen so overdelivered. My favorite part of the program was the weekly Board Meetings. I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking to organize themselves, grow their business…that’s looking to make life easier.”

Lauren Hirsch Williams is the Founder and CEO of MovieHatch and Global Media Fusion.


"I love you the way you made it so easy for me!"

"I did hire an amazing person through the program. And not just that, it’s also about managing my formerly in-house person virtually and able to manage her and we now have a better relationship because of the skills you taught me. So it’s really beyond just hiring a VA, it’s more about letting my business grow up into a much bigger business and that really accelerated my growth."

Miriam Schulman is a watercolor and mixed media artist for over 20 years and the founder of the Inspiration Place, an online art class site.

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1 Payment $1297

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